Friday, September 1, 2017

3 KEY Ways to Protect Against Debit Card Fraud!

Debit card fraud can happen to anyone at anytime. You may even know someone who has been affected by debit card fraud, whether it be a family member, friend, or co-worker. First Bank of the Lake feels it's extremely important that you know ways to try and prevent debit card fraud from happening. In today's day and age, it can be very easy for someone to get ahold of your debit card or private information. In this blog, our bank at the Lake of the Ozarks is going to list some ways to prevent debit card fraud from happening.

Ways to Prevent Debit Card Fraud From Happening

1. Let the card issuer know your travel date and where you are going. 

If your card is stolen while you on vacation, the card issuer may decline the suspicious transaction before it actually goes through. This can save you a lot of trouble and possibly allow for you to have a much better, more relaxing vacation.

2. Only Use ATMs located at banks and protect/cover your pin number. 

When using an ATM, consider only using ATMs at banks during business hours. Banks have bright lights and cameras and are at a much lesser risk for debit card fraud. Also, when you are inputting your pin number, make sure you use your hand to cover the number pad as you enter it. Doing this can help prevent people nearby from snapping a picture of your number.

3. Keep as little cash as you can in your checking account.

There are so many opportunities to access money from your checking account, which means the greater the chance the culprit can steal your money. Checking accounts have many ways to access money such as debit cards, of course, checks, and automatic debits. 

  • Checks - If someone knows your routing number and checking account number, which are both written at the bottom of your check, they can possibly hack your online banking account and access your money.
Try keeping as small amount of money as possible in your checking account. You then can transfer money from your checking to your savings every month. This will provide you a higher interest rate on your savings but also allow you to save for emergencies or special occasions better and give those potential fraudsters less of a chance to access/steal your money.

Need a Bank You Can Trust to Help You Protect Your Debit Card Against Fraud?

First Bank of the Lake has a few Kasasa checking or savings products your can try. The Free Kasasa Cash Checking, Free Kasasa Cash Back Checking, and Free Kasasa Saver are all great options to invest your money. Also, the Kasasa Protect allows you to keep your information yours and yours alone. Kasasa Protect is affordable and comprehensive fraud PROTECTION, that you can add to your First Bank of the Lake checking account. 

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