Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Protecting Your Personal Information OFFLINE - 5 Tips

Last week, we explored the importance of protecting your personal information online and some simple suggestions to help you do so. As the number of internet users continues to skyrocket, protecting your information online is becoming increasingly important. However, this increased emphasis on protecting your information online does not mean that protecting your information offline is any less critical. This week, First Bank of the Lake is bringing it back to the basics with these simple (but crucial) tips to protect your personal information in the physical realm,.

5 Tips To Protect Your Personal Information OFFLINE

1. Limit What You Carry
Anything you carry with you on a daily basis is potentially at risk of being stolen. We encourage you to only bring your driver's license and credit or debit cards with you when you go out. If you must bring your social security card with you, be sure that it is safely returned to a secure location as quickly as possible. Additionally, don't forget to protect your online information by never carrying any login information in your wallet.

2. Shred And Wipe
Once you no longer need them, we recommend that you shred all credit card offers and applications, insurance forms, bank statements, expired charge cards, checks, physician statements, receipts, and similar documents. Destroying the prescription information on any medication bottles before throwing them out may also be a good idea. If and when you dispose of a computer, phone, or other device, be sure to have the hard drive and memory wiped first.

3. Secure Your Mailbox
If your mailbox doesn't have a lock, remove mail immediately when it arrives. If you order new checks or a credit/debit card, do not have it mailed to your home unless your mailbox has a lock. If you're sending mail, drop it in a locked outgoing mailbox or at the post office directly. If you will be out of town for several days, request a vacation hold on your mail.

4. Ask Why Before Sharing Information
You should never feel obligated to share personal information without understanding why it is required. Always feel free to ask why your information is needed and how it will be protected before providing personal information at your workplace, your child's school, or a doctor's office. Finally, never give out any personal information to anyone you do not know either in person or on the phone (unless you initiated the contact).

5. Lock Up Important Documents
Keep financial documents and records secure by storing them in a safe place at home and locking your purse or wallet in a safe place while at work. If you carry a purse or computer at a restaurant or other public place, always keep it close to you. Only keep financial information on your laptop when necessary, and never allow your computer or mobile device to store your login information automatically. We also recommend keeping your phone and computer password-protected at all times.

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